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عاشق نشو،
دل صنگ باش،
اهتياج كس نشو،
به خاطر كه چشمهاي خدرا قايم كردي باز هم تنها استي.

Don’t fall in love,
Have a heart made of stone,
Don’t rely on anyone,
Because when you close your eyes, you’re alone.

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Why are you so loyal to this life? It has given you nothing but struggle. Why do you love this duniya so deeply? It has given you nothing but heartache. Why do you conform to the whispers of Shaytan? He wants nothing but hell for you. Why do you ignore Allah’s advice so foolishly? He wants nothing but Jannah for you.

— Mobeen Hakeem

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White kids make fun of asian immigrants for their accents&names like sorry you were not aware that different languages exist perhaps?

Funniest one is when white girls make fun out of asians and then wear fake tan to look brown just like them

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Millions of people are suffering: they want to be loved but they don’t know how to love. And love cannot exist as a monologue; it is a dialogue, a very harmonious one.

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i need go get away
maybe just for a day
and sit by the sea

i need to get away
maybe for more than a day
just me and the sun, nothing else on the horizon

i need to get away
theres nothing to make me stay
and breath so deep, that the air fills my lungs completely

i need to get away
thats what i say
as i lay on my bed dreaming with eyes wide open

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